My Artwork Won't Go Through. Help Me, Please?

Idk if this can be considered a bug, but I need help.

I personally drew three pictures. For some reason when I sent them through to be reviewed, it was not approve, stating there were trademarks on it. I don’t see any trademarks in my pictures! Do you?

How do I fix this issue? Does anybody see any trademarks, because I really don’t? Help me, please?

I suggest submitting a ticket. Is the background draw as well, or from online?

Drawn. Perhaps it is because I made a drawn copy? Or, maybe the character’s pendant?

Yes, I’d recommend you submit a ticket, just to see what exactly is trademarked and how you can fix it.

If you send a ticket with the images they will keep and eye out for it and accept it when they see it. I did that with my commission backgrounds

Thank you everyone! I will do that.

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Here’s the link for submitting a ticket :slight_smile: