My awesome bi friend is new here! πŸ’ž

Thank you for greeting her

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My pleasure. she seems cool

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welcome to the forums! i hope you enjoy & have fun being here. you can pm me anytime! if you have one already or decide to create an account in the future my Instagram is epi.kels if you wanna text me on there :)) @Bi_Queen


Hey @Bi_Queen, it’s nice to meet ya! From your bio, you seem like someone I’d for sure get along with :stuck_out_tongue: feel free to PM me if you ever need help or need to talk about something. Or if you just want to say hi :wave:t2:

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Welcome @Bi_Queen if you need anything feel free to PM moiiiii :woozy_face:

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Welcome @Bi_Queen feel free to PM mee!!!:wink::wink::sparkling_heart:

Ty I will if I need any help

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Heyyy @Bi_Queen :two_hearts:

Welcome to the forums!!! You can PM me pretty much any time cuz I have no life if you wanna talk about anything :wink::kissing_smiling_eyes::heart:

Ty i will

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No problemmm and all righttt!!:wink::wink::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


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