My background doesnt loop

I added a loop background on my story and when i clicked review the background wasnt moving. I tried to review it on my phone but the background still wasnt moving. This is my script.

Pretty sure this specific looping background doesn’t actually work…

remove NARRATOR then remove the brackets from your character name

yeah they probably mistype it to make it think that its a looping background.

Also the narrator line is fine that’s how you get the narrator box to show the character name.

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oh yeah, i just notice that, my screen is small so i thought it was the character speaking but it wasnt lol

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ok this probably sounds dumb, but i added an other loop background and it worked, but for some reason the background is going to the wrong direction (i want it to go from left to right, but it goes from right to left)

you are not sounding dump, i had the same problem with another looping background, so your not alone lol

lmao how did ya fix it ?

changed the background to another looping so i can use that one instead of the one that gave me the problem. lol

lol. I’ll try to change it again.


i found a recent background finally. thsk for the help (:smile: