My Background Isn’t Working! Can Someone Help?

I need help here! So I wanted to put this background in:

(I named it INT. WHITE TEXT - DAY)

But when I play my story, it just shows a black screen! Can someone help? Here’s the script:

This is all it shows:

Is it many zoomed in?
Try adding @zoom on 0 0 to 10% in o
To see if that helps?

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I’ve had this happen to me. I was told that it does this when you have an unapproved background or if the coding is wrong. All I had to do was reset the app by logging out and then logging back in. Sometimes “update script” works too. You could try “zoom reset” and see if that works

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Put @zoom reset after the background name

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Thank you @The_Saminator @epi.kels and @Jade.epi! It worked when I put @zoom reset :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Glad to help! :blush:

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Marked as solved and closed. Thanks to everyone for the help! :smiley: