My background isn’t working!

I uploaded this background and they approved it, but for some reason when I play the episode on my phone, it’s just black!

is it approved?

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Did you try restarting your app?

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Yeah I restarted it, and then I pressed restart episode.

I will try

It still won’t work, I even made a new tab.

Well it still doesn’t work, haha i dont know what to do, perhaps I should just remake the background.

Alrighty, thank you for your help!

You got it!

Thank you!

I don’t know if it’s your case but sometimes I forgot about the zoom and the background was all black, so, maybe, using the reset zoom it functions :blush:

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Wait haha that’s actually the problem! Thanks for reminding me haha

Don’t mention it, it happens to me all the times😂

Haha I always forget to reset my zooms