My background won't switch only the previous background shows up help please?

@cut to zone 3
@AURORA faces right
@AURORA spot 1.145 50 0 in zone 3
@AURORA moves to layer 2
@HARLEY changes into swimming boy
@HARLEY spot 1.316 270 0 in zone 3
@HARLEY moves to layer 2
@HARLEY faces right

AURORA (admire_happy)

@HARLEY faces left
HARLEY (talk_agree_happy)
Glad you like it

&overlay 5459740508487680_OCEAN OVERLAY shifts to -47 -129
&overlay 5459740508487680_OCEAN OVERLAY scales to 5.666 5.666
@AURORA faces right
@HARLEY faces left
@zoom on 0 0 to 100% in 0
@HARLEY spot 0.949 235 331
@HARLEY moves to layer 2
@AURORA spot 0.877 74 335
@AURORA moves to layer 2
@HARLEY spot 0.949 228 355
@HARLEY moves to layer 2
@AURORA starts talk_treadwater_happy
@HARLEY starts talk_treadwater_happy

    AURORA (talk_treadwater_happy)
Thank you for this

    HARLEY (talk_treadwater_happy)
You were really proud and who don't like a a late night swim

this is my script please help!!!

I think you forgot the space between INT. and OCEAN

no thats not case i tried that but thanks for the help

Are you getting a script error?

no im not, so i dont know why this is happining

Could you please send some pictures of what is being displayed? Maybe I can help. :blush:

Also, here is a suggestion on how to shorten/clean up your script. Just a suggestion.

@HARLEY changes into swimming boy
&AURORA spot 1.145 50 0 in zone 3 AND AURORA faces right AND AURORA is [input animation] AND AURORA moves to layer 2 AND HARLEY spot 1.316 270 0 AND HARLEY faces right AND HARLEY is [input animation] AND HARLEY moves to layer 2

The same can be done with the second scene.

Just letting you know, you have two spots for Harley in the second scene:

Did you want them to walk to the second spot?

Try like this
Maybe this will help you🤔

In script don’t forget to put this line
@HARLEY changes into swimming boy
I don’t put this line in script because I don’t have that outfit

And second thing is this if you have this background then put the name of this background that you previously posted in script INT.OCEAN-NIGHT
I don’t have this background. That’s why I used EXT.OCEAN - DAY

And most important thing INT.OCEAN-NIGHT with OCEAN OVERLAY in zone _
In which zone you want them

I hope this will help you out :innocent:

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thank you for your help! but i came to the conclusion that the background is just bugged and wont work. but i am thankful for the help!