My best edit so far,and my new pfp


OMG! I just got the trick! And now maybe I will be editing for people! Just comment your character details or send me a pic of it! Or I’ll make you a random edit by myself!


You can try mine :grin:


ILL make an ink one? Its the most easy for me!


The art style and somebody of the face shapes will not be the sam é but I’ll try give her same if the features


I’ll start making


Thats fine :grin:


THere we goooo! It took a long time,but anyways, I hope you like it, if you have any other requests you can ask, maybe I won’t be able to answer but I probably will see it, I have to go!


Love it!!!


But my nose is soft natural and eyes are brown :sweat_smile:


Ok, i tried doing it but it tribe dout so bad! I will change the eye color right away