My best friend joined!


Hey!! So I got my friend @CarenaTracy22 to join!!! YAYA!!! I think she would like some friends :grin: So drop by and say hello!!!








Awesome!!! Yay. Hi. I’m Amani. Andddddd. I’m weird af


Omg Zoey your lucky I love you ughhh. Oh well


Heyyo @CarenaTracy22 nice to meet ya! I’m Chocolate Mama but you can call me Choco I’m a crazy cannibal (not really) and I loveeeee rap snacks like more then my soul andddddddddd yeah I have 10+ kids on the forums husbands and wife’s I lost count in and yeah! Welcome pm me anytime you want :blush:


Hi. How are you welcome to the crazy episode forums :joy::rofl:




I knoww :wink: I tagged all my friends on here!! THEY ARE AWESOMEE




Hello @CarenaTracy22 :grin:


If @Iforgotmypassword gives you any problems please tell me so I can knock some sense into him :grin:




You know what @leslie1230… I like your attitude!


@leslie1230 look up :grin:


put a space in between what and @


Haha hey girl!


Hey @CarenaTracy22 I’m Jenna!


Thank you :heart:


Omg me and her have such an attitude at school its so funny :joy:
I love you @CarenaTracy22 !!! lol but yo attitude STINKS sometimes!!!