My bg gott disaproveddd

Both of these images got disaproved.Does anyone know why? should i upload them again???

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Where did you get the backgrounds from? I only ask because they look like theyre either from another app or pinterest… and you can’t use either

My guess is that they’re copyrighted backgrounds, they look like they could’ve been a Choices or some other game background.

I got it from this girls drive on insta

Oh okay i got it from this insta girls drive

Yea, the limo background is copyrighted (2015) by an artist named Giaonp on deviant art. However i’m unsure about the other one. I can do some more research.

Oh damn :(( thank u so much <3

The campus background is copyrighted by the artist andanguyen on deviant art. I’m not sure if the girl who has those on her drive owns the rights to those backgrounds or if she is either or those artists, but I would just use duplichecker and reverse image search backgrounds before submitting to check for copyrights. That’s what I usually do :grin:

I used the same background and mine was approved soooooo…

Oh okay thank u . ill be sure to do that. I just thought that they would be copy right free since its coming of like an episode girls drive. Thank u so much :slight_smile:

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Whihc one? the campus one or the limo one?

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Of course!! But that must be super frustrating and I’m really sorry they got disapproved :confused:

I know xddd but its whatever thank u for ur help!

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Oh okay ill try and retry again :)))

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