My blanket overlay shop! 😴 [CLOSED] (FAST!)

Hey you! Sleepyhead!! Wake up it’s time to request blankets!!! :sleeping:

I can do blankets overlay for your story, just follow rules and form down below!!


  1. NO DRAMA!
  2. No rush me!
  3. If u see the waiting list full do not request!
  4. Be kind!
  5. Do not steal my work, claim it as yours!
  7. I can redo your request only once!
  8. To request you must put the password: sleepyhead
  9. I don’t take more than 5 requests
  10. You can request infinite time, but just two requests per post!
  11. No thread jumping!!
  12. If you know you are not going to use my work, do not request!
  13. If you like something from my work, do not take it, even if you give me credit, if you really want something from my work ask me first!!



Blanket details:
Blanket colour:
Image of bed so I can do the blanket easily (optional):
Any pattern:


Credit me like this:
readerMessage Blanket overlay made by epi.kendy on the forums!

Waiting list:



are ou able to make top down view blankets? or onl the type youve shown in the example :blush:

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Yep, I can do blankets from all views just follow the form, also by top down view you mean like this?:

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Alrighty :slight_smile:
Blanket details: top view duvet blanket
Blanket colour: light grey or pink
Password: sleepyhead

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Yeah that’s what I mean :slight_smile:

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Oki! :two_hearts:



Done and took!

Look on the OP to see the credit form!

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Pls tell me when you’ve downloaded the image so I can remove it, to prevent ppl from steal it

Can I have a blankey

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Sure just fill out the form! :heart:

Ok friend

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I need a blanket with a picture of her with emoji’s around her
The bed is like this
(Don’t have the pic anymore)
She looks like this

The background is pink


Don’t you have a bed background?

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I don’t have the pic anymore

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Well but I don’t know the view. How should I draw it? From the top or something not?

Like this?

Or like this?

The first one

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You go girl you on fire

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