My brain sucks someone please give me some tips

I want my story to be dramtic in like episode 6 or 10 but then problem is I don’t know what the first episode should be about…I don’t want it to end at the really good part cuz It’ll make it short but idk what the first episode should be about a;/(

I really suggest noting down each of your ideas for each episode so you have a rough idea of what to code for each episode. If you’re already thinking of episode six, but at the same time is unsure of episode one you’ll confuse yourself. Try google docs, or notes on your phone to plan out each episode properly and chronologically so then when you start to plan episode six, it’ll all make sense to you.

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thx for the tip I’ll try that :slight_smile:

I made an IG post yesterday related to this, can you check it out on my IG @annaw.stories :blush:
I hope it helps!

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I suggest working backwards. If you already know or have an idea of what you want to do for the ending you should write out a draft or rough idea for last episode, and then work your way to the beginning of the story.

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