My Char won't stand behind the overlay

Hi guys, I hope you can help me on this and point out what I’m doing wrong. But, so far I can’t find anything wrong as to why my character won’t stand behind the dang table. One thing to point out YES I took the liberty into creating the desk overlay using Photoshop. So there IS an overlay in this scene that I added. Here is a picture of what I have on my script and on what is showing up on my preview. Thanks! :pensive:

OH I SEE WHAT YOU DID SORRY, you have done it incorrectly

example: INT.PHILADELPHIA TIMES OFFICER - DAY with TIMES DESK OVERLAY at (scale numbers) (shift numbers)

instead of doing 1.716 1.716 just do one of them not both

You should set it out like this-

Check out Dara Amarie’s thread on overlays here for more details. :wink:

yeah basically

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