My Character can't go back to being bald

I have a character who is bald because there are no hairstyles that fit under the hijab, I have a flashback when she was a kid, and she isn’t wearing a hijab, and then when I go back to the present day the code says “Bald” is not a hairstyle. Even though it is her default hair.

Is there a way to fix this?

below is a screenshot of the code

I’d use either a duplicate character, or use the previews command for any hairstyle used when not using a hijab?


I’ll try making a duplicate.

Thank you!

there’s no bald feature unfortunately that you can code in-script you will have to make a duplicate with the bald option as a hairstyle


That’s kind of a bummer, but Oh well.
At least I got it working now with a duplicate character.