My character changing outfit not being a vaild command


Hi, I am using Joseph Evans tutorial but my @MC changes into @MYA_causal command is not working…

Please help…


It’s @MYA changes into MYA_causal there is no @ the second time.


Ahhhhhh thank you soo much


You’re welcome. :slight_smile:


How do you make it fade in and out please?


@transition fade out blue 5
you can change the color to say black or green i think pink also I just just green black and blue you can also change the speed it fads out by just changing the 5


Here’s a picture of all the different transitions:


Also if you want it to fade in out your background then space down and put @transition fade in black 5


Thank you @Mya_M I for got about all these other ones you could do also I always use the transition fade in/out


How do I fade in to a different backround? @Mya_M a


You would put the background you want then the fade in you want!


You’d place the background right after the transition command.
@transition fade out magenta in 3


How can I make a character run off the screen?


@CHARACTER exits direction (left/right) AND CHARACTER is ACTION