My character continues to disappear

I keep having this problem, so this one specific character keeps disappearing when he’s supposed to be talking to someone. Maybe disappearing isn’t the best term, it’s more like not showing up at ALL :triumph:
When I preview it on the app I can’t see him, he literally won’t come onto the screen. I’m not sure if it’s the coding or just some weird thing going on with my phone. I might be doing the coding wrong but this is my first episode and I have no clue what is happening here. I can’t even preview it on my laptop or computer because it’s like not even letting see it on there. So it’s either watch it do something it’s not supposed to or not at all. Can anyone help?

@cut to zone 2
@LIAM spot 1.12 160 -40 AND LIAM faces right
@BAILEY spot 1.12 71 -65 AND BAILEY faces right
This is the code

This happens to mee a lot of the time, if you save again on the website and then go on your phone to the app and click update script it might work. I think its just a glitch though.

It worked! Thank you, hopefully it’ll stay that way, ha.

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Glad I could help, If it happens again, I would just do the same thing.