My Character is... [Character Trait Game]

● Comment a positive character trait and the next person will flip it into a negative trait.

● The positive character trait should start with “My character is…” and the negative character trait should start with “Your character is…”


Comment 1:
My character is smart

Comment 2:
Your character is a know-it-all

My character is kind

Comment 3:
Your character is a doormat

My character is fearless

…and so on…

I’ll start:

My character is kind to animals


Your character dislikes any human interactions

My character is confident


Your character acts like Donald Trump.

My character has a strong sense of justice.


Your character is strictly lawful neutral

My character is street-smart


Your character manipulates others for their own self-gain.

My character is determined.


Your character is determined to end the world.

My character stands up to bullies.


Your character is courageous and brave.


(You need to flip the positive character trait into a negative character trait. Like “Your character runs into danger without thinking”. Then comment your own positive character trait.)

My character is calm and collected

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Your character is also arrogant
My character cares about the environment

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Ok gotcha

Your character destroys trees by polluting with trash.

My character is very kind and honest person in the world.

Your character is polite.

My character is patient

Your character gives second chances to people who don’t deserve it.

My character is athletic

Your character likes sports.

My character hates running.

Your character can run away from problems.
My character is caring

Your character is sweet.

My character is Vengeful.

Your character throws a temper tantrum when things don’t go their way.

My character is famous.

Your character is stuck-up and conceited, and has the catchphrase “Do YoU kNoW wHo I aM?”

My character is able to help old people with technology without running out of patience.

(Also, @dynamite-ash, you are supposed to comment a NEGATIVE trait about the previous person’s character and then a POSITIVE trait about your character)


:sweat_smile: Sorry

Your character is too nice.
My character is Calm.

Your character is so calm that they act emotionless and robotic when their friends need help.

My character is responsible with money without being stingy.