My Character is... [Character Trait Game]

Your character only pretends that it’s loving. In reality, your character is very hateful.

My character makes good chili.

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Your character uses human meat for their chili, Mrs. Lovett-style.

My character has the power to summon and manipulate electricity with their mind.

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Your character uses electricity to electrocute others.

My character is a therapist for adult babies.

ur character is an adult baby

my character is a billionaire playboy (batman style)

Your character uses their wealth to hide the facts they have no personality or life outside of being rich.

My character is Indie Author.

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Your character writes poorly written borderline porn that only obnoxious booktokers like.

My character is the King of a powerful nation

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Your character appropriates to himself the hard work, glory and courage of his father to paint himself as an almighty hero in order to justify the fear he slowly installed in the hearts of those beneath him.

My character is what dreams are made of

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Your character is incomprehensible and everyone he meets forgets him soon after they encounter him.

My character is a talented and famous ice sculptor

Your character isolates themselves in the mountains and yells at people who show up to admire their artwork.

My character provides rehabilitation services for people who leave prison.