My character is entering from the left but, it should be from the right


Okay, the title seems confusing…I apologize. This will sound super confusing! So, here’s my script.

@CHARACTER enters from right to spot 0.840 146 213

But, she enters from the left and she goes to spot 0. 995 228 138

I’m really new at scripting, please help!


Did you try to make her enter from left to see if she entered from right?


I just did, and it still does the same. ;(


Hmm, maybe try re writing the line or when you preview reset your progress.


Alright, give me a minute!


Wait, I think I know what I was doing. It’s really confusing to say it, but I think that was the reason. LOL, I feel so embarrassed. Let me see if it works.


Oh, wait. I just realized what I was doing…

@pan to zone 3 in 1.0

…was first than the @CHARACTER enters from right to spot 0.840 146 213.



Oh ok, well I wish you the best of luck in writting your story.


Thank you tho! :slight_smile: