My character is in a blue bubble?


Can someone please tell me how I get my characters to stand normally? I must have done something wrong when I started the story… They’re in like a blue bubble on the screen, only half the body and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to change it… I want them to stand and walk like in a normal Episode story…
Hope someone know what this is, thanks :slight_smile:

PS! Not sure I posted this in the right place haha


You chose the spotlight format when you started your story.
So you have to create another story and select the cinematic style…


Thank you! Okey, so I have to recreate all the characters or can I somehow move them to a new story?


You have to create all the characters again and create another story…
You can’t move them…


Damnit… Oh well, haha thanks again :slight_smile:


Your welcome…