My character isn’t behind the counter. And how do i add the rest of the coffee shop like when my character walk to screen center in zone 3 in 4 and when she stop it’s black right there. I hope this makes sense


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Have you done overlays?

I don’t even know how to do does. I’m sorry i’m new to writing

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Maybe the background has 2 or 1 zone only…? (that’s why it turns black in zone 3…?)

So what number do you think is best?

If i use a background with three zones then zone 3 won’t turn black.
But when you use a background with 1 or 2 zones , zone 3 will turn black (because zone 3 doesn’t exist).

It doesn’t depends on the best, it depends on what background and zone matches with your story.

Hope this makes sense


I’m using this background "Int. Bakery no ol - day what overlay should i use for it ?

nah don’t worry bout it. The counter is already an overlay
In order to xhange the layer of the counter just type INT. BAKERY NO OL - DAY with INT. BAKERY NO OL - DAY at layer #