My character isn’t holding the paper

Okay so I have never written a story in limelight before, only in ink, so i dont know if im doing something wrong or not, but I wrote

@YOU is read_paper_neutral

And when I preview it, she isn’t holding the paper.

Did I do something wrong? or is this just a bug? :thinking:

You need to add the paper for LL- it’s a prop.
@/add Sheet Paper White to CHARACTER

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Okay, thank you! Like I said I have never written in limelight before.

Yeah that’s one of the differences with LL and INK :slight_smile:
The same thing applies for any of the book animations- you need to add the book props.

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Thank you for letting me know!

Would I just do @remove sheet paper white?

yep :slight_smile:
To be exact:
@/remove Sheet Paper White from CHARACTER

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Alright! :smile: thanks again!