My character literally isn’t showing up

normally i would get out of the app and come back and it would be fixed. but the character it’s genuinely not showing up, i know i spelt everything right. and i know their a character, i literally do NOT know how to fix this. it happened before and i remade the character and it worked fine then the other character wasn’t showing up, i’m so confused rn, and i can’t continue on if the character isn’t going to show up. here’s the script:

INT. MOMS ROOM with EFFECT DIM 60 at layer 15 with ARM WITH GUN at layer 3
&cut to zone 3
&zoom reset
&MOM spot 9.859 171 256 in zone 2 AND MOM is idle_sad AND MOM faces right AND MOM moves to layer 2
&OTHER CHAR spot 0.915 143 248 in zone 2 AND OTHER CHAR is arms_crossed AND OTHER CHAR faces right AND OTHER CHAR moves to layer 1
&overlay ARM WITH GUN shifts to 69 282 in zone 2
&overlay ARM WITH GUN scales to 0.453 0.453
@transition fade in black 2
sound door_close
volume sound 100 0
@pause for a beat
@CADENCE enters from right to screen center AND CADENCE is walk_scared_flashlight
@CADENCE is shocked
@pan to zone 2 in 2

I don’t have any errors accept for the background is in review, this is what the scene looks like:

does anyone know the issue? I don’t know what’s going on.

From what I can see in your code, you cut to zone 3 but you placed your characters in zone 2.

i panned to the zone. i forgot to add that there, the photo is in zone 2 but the scene starts out in zone 3 :sweat_smile:

MOM’s scale size is HUGE


i may have made a mistake with the scaling let me check real quick.

ah yes i did. Thank you, i for some reason didn’t notice that :joy:

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