My Character Needs Work Done!

So I have another request except this one is simpler. I just ask that you put some kind of photoshoot background behind me/her with my name and the “Follow Me On Insta” thing. If you can do it message me or dm on my Insta @alexgarciawashere (That’s My Insta Name Too) I’ll give you any other information you need from there. Thanxx! :heart:

I’m not an editor, but happy birthday! :revolving_hearts:

Thanxx!! :heartbeat::heartbeat:

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Sure I can help you, send me the background you would like.

Okay. Here it is:

Would you like her to be winking etc?

I’d like her to have her arms crossed with a smile or her hands on her hips if that’s possible.

Ok, could you send me the character’s details?

And also word for word can you send me what writing you would like

Character Details
Skin Color: Beige Rose
Brow: Arched Natural, Deep Brown
Hair: Short Wavy Ombre, Chestnut Brown
Eyes: Female Generic, Blue Aqua
Face: Hart Soft
Nose: Defined Natural
Lips: Full Round Pouty, Plum Glossy

Writing I’d like
Color: Maroon, Scarlet
Font: A loose cursive writing or one that looks like it was written with a chiseled marker
At the top center: “Alexandria Garcia”
On the bottom left: Add me on Instagram! (With Instagram symbol) @alexgarciawashere
On the bottom left: Credits to (Your Name/Insta/Name) for this art! This is only if you don’t put your watermark somewhere else

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Anything else you need??

Hey, what’s the top called?

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Here is your splash! Hope you like it!

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Thank you Thank you Thank You I love you! :joy: But seriously I appreciate that Thanxx a million!! :heart: :heart:

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Yep, no worries!

What editing software do you use??

I use Ibis Paint x

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