My character outfits keep changing back to it's default outfit

Can someone please tell me what I did wrong or how I can fix it, there were no outfit changes or anything along that line so can someone please help me out.

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I’ll help, but please can you explain what’s happening more clearly? xx

I was working on my story and when I updated the script they changed into their default outfits but I never coded an outfit change so I was wondering if I broke something but I don’t have any code errors in my script right now.

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Did you put
@CHARACTERNAME changes into outftname after changing backgrounds?

nope, I thought they just stay in the outfit until you change it?

They won’t. You have to change their outfits after every background change

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well damn I didn’t know that. Lord outfit choices are gonna be hell :sob:

I can help you with those. Just pm me :smile:

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omg thank you!!!

You don’t need to change the outfit after every background change, it should remain in the previously worn outfit unless you actually directed '@CHARACTER changes into outfit1

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Weird I didn’t do that

But, that happens to me sometimes, when you update script it changes back to default, I think it might just be a problem in the system or if you skip through a bit when pressing the ‘10 lines>>’ button. Also, possibly you clicked on the ‘Restart Episode’ button and that may have reset things?

That’s what it will show on the web previewer, if you try previewing it from the app, the outfits will change to the default ones


No problem love :blush:

See I’m using my computer maybe that’s the problem :sweat_smile:

Oh? On mine the outfit doesn’t change lol

Outfit won’t change until you change it yourslef. It will carry on to the next episode even. If you’re jumping from scene to scene (on mobile or Web Preview) character will wear the default outfit, but don’t worry it’s only happening to you.

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ohh cool it must just be a program glitch.

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