My character’s default look doesn’t change

hey, guys! I have one topic that bothers me a bit and i was wondering if there’s any solution to that above the one i’m guessing i’ll have to use. So I created my mc and started writing my story with her old look, but then I changed some of her default features and decided to check if they’ll change if i read the story on another device as ‘friend’s story’ , but for some reason she still maintains with her old features. So I guessed the only thing I can do is just change them in the beginning of the story in the script. But are there any other ways for me to change them without doing that? Thank you in advance!!

If I’m not wrong, you will have to use @CHARACTER changes into … and if you want them to go back to default or something different use that code.

Or are you talking about hair styles, etc?

yeah, at first my character had different hairstyle and lip color, but then i changed it and you can see it when you go to the character customisation thing, but not when episode 1 starts ,bc as far as i know the character should have all their default features in the beginning before you change them in the script, however the old hairstyle and lip color still stay

Try putting @CHARACTER changes into CHARACTER_default and then when you wanna change their hair and lipstick use @CHARACTER changes hair into Straight
and @CHARACTER changes lipColor into Scarlet

I’m wrong it’s @CHARACTER changes mouthColor into Scarlet

@kassidy.episode @LiyahxWrites thank you! i knew this way and that’s what i was going to do, i was jus wondering if there’s another one that doesn’t include putting anything in the script and i guess there isn’t and i’ll have to stick to this. :heartpulse: thanks for replying!!