My Character will not Load

I am new to the Episode Interactive ( Online ) and I really have been wanting to create a story on my computer…(Since I know that their are more actions, scenes, ect.) But once I come on here and begin to create my character it doesn’t work.
At first I tried to use the Limelight characters… but once it loads up for me to start editing… it only shows a bunch of Glitches! A bunch of body parts, like arms, torso’s, hands, and feet are spread throughout the preview box.
Then I tried to use the Ink characters. But every time I pick a new adjustment to add (Like a different hairstyle) It doesn’t show on the character preview. And when I refresh the page it goes back to the original character. (That I picked to edit)
I even tried to use a different computer because I have seen other people use this website with no problem (On YouTube) but it is not working for me.
Please Please Pease fix this glitch Episode Crew…
I am truly sad that this is not working for me.

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Try it out on your phone instead of the web previewer.

If it still doesn’t work, submit a ticket to admin

Thankyou so much!:kissing_heart::kissing_heart: