My character will not show up AT ALL


So I have my character standing screen center in zone two this is the directing I have for it
@ALURA stands screen center in zone 2
But she’s not on the screen when I check on my phone I’ve updated the script, shut down episode entirely and shut off my phone and turned it back on and she’s still not there I even zoomed out to check if she was somewhere else is there anything I could do to fix this or anything I’m doing wrong?


Could you please copy and paste what you have on your script??


Did you cut/ pan to zone 2? Otherwise your character won’t show because it will be standing in zone 2 when the camera is on zone 1.


This is the script

@transition fade out black 3


@ALURA stands screen center in zone 2

@cut to zone 2


You background name is not coded correct. You have to have a " - DAY " to complete the coding.


Its a background i uploaded myself


Are you checking in it on the app?


Make sure your zooms are reset


I did and the characters still not there


Ah, I dont know what to tell you


Exit and enter the story again, it’s a glitch going around when your character just disappear


first, before you say @ALLURA stands screen center in zone 2,
do this:
@cut to zone 2

TADA! Wasn’t so hard, right?


It doesn’t matter which command she’ll use first it should work either way.


oh yeah, you’re right :sweat_smile: sorry.


It’s happening to me now. Entire scenes were not showing, not to mention the characters! One person is still missing though :joy::joy::joy:


Ugh! :roll_eyes: It’s really annoying! I have to exit almost every story I’m reading! I’ve sent a ticket a few days ago, they know about this glitch.


I really hope they fix it soon! It’s impossible both to read and write the stories! And yes, my man just appeared out of nowhere. :woman_shrugging: