My character wont exit

What have I done? What have I not done?

I also used :

@follow YOU to screen left in zone 2 AND YOU is walk_happy_loop

thank you in advance xx

When you writing AND do it in regular letters and not capital :upside_down_face:

still not working :frowning:

didn’t work, and i think it doesnt matter if you write “and” in upper or lower case…

Did you try:

@YOU exits right

i’ve changed it to walk_neutral_loop, still not working. I wonder whyy…

i used @YOU exits left… tried @YOU exits right as well, but nothing happened…

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Weird :thinking:

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I knoww… :frowning:

The backround i’ve used was an uploaded one. I’ve uploaded it. d’you think that affected anything?

Maybe try:

@YOU walks to screen right in zone 2


@YOU walks to screen left in zone 4

(Wherever you want your character to exit from. It works the same way.)

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@MerryMirrors @bree.may

I refreshed and entered this


@cut to zone 3

@YOU stands screen right in zone 3

(I should go tell Kath about my date with Adam and ask her for advice)

@pause for a beat

@follow YOU to screen right in zone 2 AND YOU is walk_neutral_loop

It worked. Ah, idk, sometimes the website’s weird. Thanks for helping me, both! xx


I’ll go try that tomorrow, i’ll update you. Thank you for the tips! I appreciate it loads :heart:

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Hi. I’ve tried both, nothing actually changed…

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