My character won't listen to my commands

I’m trying to get the main character to pick up the phone and I put this

@LIGHTFEMALEAVATAR enters from left to screen left

*phone rings*

    LIGHTFEMALEAVATAR (listen_phone_happy_loop)
What do you need, Sam?

and it won’t work maybe I did something wrong? I’m new at this I don’t know, but it just shows the dialogue and she doesn’t pick up the phone at all.

Well, you should put an animation of her picking up the phone!
@CHARACTER is pickup_object_neutral

I didn’t even know that existed thank you! :joy:

No problem! :cowboy_hat_face:

Do I need to label the object. I put the code in there and it’s still isn’t working

Wdym label the object, do you want her to pickup the phone and then talk?

Yeah, I put that in but it still won’t work?

Show me your script

Wait I saw I put neutral twice on accident in that photo so I took it out of my script and it still won’t work maybe it’s a bug?

Try resetting the story progress.
On a side note, if your character is speaking, it would be more appropriate to use talk_phone_neutral or whatever bc with the animation you’re using rn, her mouth won’t move when she’s speaking :wink:

Thank you so muchhhh I reloaded and it works now it was probably the animation that wasn’t working :joy:

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