My characters are showing on screen

I’ve tried everything i could think of; changing the background, replacing the characters, spot directing doesn’t work either no box shows up, reloading the page doesn’t work either as you can see from the ss I’ve tried researching it to see if i could find a solution but no luck. can someone please help me i was hoping to have this episode out today
thank you kindly

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You need to put them on screen before making them perform an action
Also, add “in zone 2” since you panned to zone 2

Well I can see you didn’t place ya Co Aria tees for the school scene.

You know where you put:

@Charactername stands screen center in zone 1 AND faces left/right

Edit: When you’re starting a new scene make sure to place them always!

i have them standing already in the scene for when it transitions into the scene and they are doing that action when the scene opens

On line 786 you have a change of background, and then you did spot your characters on screen before making them perform the animation

i supposedly have them standing on scene so when the scene transitions in they are supposed to be there would i need to have the scene transitioned then have the characters placed?

Every time you put a new background you need to place the characters

so they arent showing up because i out them before the scene change? ugh im so stupid

ive fixed it thank you so much for the help

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