My characters aren't completeing an action WHILE another character is talking! HELP PLZ

As the title says…
I have Character1 talking and I want Character2 to complete an action while Character1 is talking, not after. As I saw on other forums and topics I used the & symbol instead of the @ symbol and written it under Character1’s dialogue. But I don’t see Character2 completing the assigned action at all.
As shown in the image I’ll attach I had my character ROSALEEN do the talk_armscrossed_condescending_loop while saying her dialogue and after she was done, I had my other character DAMIEN responding to ROSALEEN with his dialogue and since I had ROSALEEN doing a loop animation I wanted her to do the listen_nod_happy_loop animation at the same time DAMIEN is talking to not only stop ROSALEEN from continuing the talking loop animation but to make her appear as if she is listening to DAMIEN but it did not work and she continued to talk over DAMIEN and not complete the listen_nod_happy_loop animation at all.
Sorry I wrote a lot I just wanted to make it clear of what I wanted and what I am confused about.

Put the command before the dialogue:

&ROSALEEN is listen_nod_happy_loop

DAMIEN (talk_shrug_neutral)
I’ll have someone get our language.

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Omg it worked now thank you! :heartpulse: