My characters aren't doing the animations

Hi guys :blush:!
Can anyone please help? I begin a new scene with a new background and scripted the change in outfits, spots, side facing, and animations for each character but for some reason it doesn’t work. The character are in the body positions of the animations, and their eyes move, but the arms, lips, etc. don’t move…

Here is my code:


@zoom reset
@speechbubble reset
@ROY changes into ROY_school_1
@ALEX changes into ALEX_school_1
@JACKSON changes into JACKSON_school_1
@LIA changes into LIA_school_1
@VICTORIA changes into VICTORIA_school_1
@TAYLOR changes into TAYLOR_school_1
@ROSE changes into ROSE_school_1

@ALEX spot 0.884 207 193 in zone 1 AND ALEX moves to layer 2 AND ALEX starts talk_agree_happy AND ALEX faces left AND ROY spot 0.839 79 199 in zone 1 AND ROY moves to layer 2 AND ROY is read_phone_neutral_loop AND ROY faces right AND JACKSON spot 0.848 144 196 in zone 1 AND JACKSON moves to layer 1 AND JACKSON is talk_agree_happy AND JACKSON faces right AND LIA spot 0.776 150 207 in zone 2 AND LIA moves to layer 2 AND LIA is yawn_bored AND LIA faces right AND VICTORIA spot 0.776 222 204 in zone 2 AND VICTORIA moves to layer 2 AND VICTORIA is talk_armscrossed_shrug_neutral AND VICTORIA faces left AND TAYLOR spot 0.830 156 190 in zone 3 AND TAYLOR moves to layer 2 AND TAYLOR is idle_armscrossed_neutral_loop AND TAYLOR faces left AND LOUISE spot 0.821 702 187 in zone 2 AND LOUISE moves to layer 3 AND ROSE spot 0.785 87 201 in zone 3 AND ROSE moves to layer 2 AND ROSE is talk_armsraised_neutral AND ROSE faces right
@pan to zone 3 in 4

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Maybe try putting each character on a different line? that used to happen to me too!

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Ok I’ll try that and let you know!

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Hey so none or your characters are moving?

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I restarted my computer and it works now, so it was probably a glitch… thanks to everyone who replied :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:!

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Oh great! so glad it worked!!