My character's clothing is not loading/takes forever to load/doesn't work. Anyone else?

Hello. Just wanted to say this is my first post on the forums. For a while now, I’ve been wanting to write on Episode. I have multiple stories that are discontinued now and I’ve confidently started a new story.

Here’s the thing though, the character’s clothing is very slow when loading/doesn’t load at all. When I want to make an outfit, it doesn’t load the preview pictures for the items. This affects the clothing being loaded on my characters too.

For example, if I want to put on a shirt on my character that’s not showing a preview, it won’t load the item. It will say it’s loading but after it’s “done,” my character won’t show up and it won’t save the outfit. Whenever I go into the outfit section, the same 12 items will show up and that’s it. I left the website up for about an hour on accident and I came back, only to see that no clothes loaded.

I’ve checked to see if it’s my internet, it’s not. I’ve checked if it’s too many tabs opened, it’s not. I’ve used this website before and now it’s suddenly not cooperating. I’m using LL for my story, however I’ve used LL before and I’ve never had this problem until now (since I’ve started the story). I’ve tried deleting the story and remaking it, which was a waste of time.

Can anyone help me? I can show screenshots too if needed.

I’ve had the same problem, character not loading, but I get a message that says “page unresponsive” about 90% of the time.

Ugh, so weird. What’s annoying is that I’m able to write smoothly, create the characters easily, but not the clothes. Are you using LL as well?

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Same, I occasionally get the annoying message when creating characters but noting like the outfits.

No I’m using INK, I’m working on a LL story though and yep have problems there as well so annoying, might have to submit a ticket I reckon.

Submit a ticket? Sorry, I’ve never heard about that (oops). What is it?

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