My characters don't laugh :(

Hey guys, I need your help!
First I have some dialog, then characters suppose to laugh and THEN new scene begins. But in preview my characters don’t laugh. They have dialog and then cuts directly to new scene. No matter what I try part where they laugh it’s just cut out.

Maybe try:
@LOLA is laugh_crackup and TARA is laugh_giggle

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Try after that:
@pause for 2


You have to put @pause for a beat or @pause for (a number) after you put the giggle animation and before the new scene. (idk if you understood)


Thank you soooo much :slight_smile:

thank youu :slight_smile:

That’s because the animations happen too fast, and it just automatically transitions into the next scene. Put a pause there, like @pause for 2 (which means pause for 2 seconds) or @pause for 1, or @pause for a beat. Whichever one is long enough.

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