My characters glide scross the screen instead of walking ... Please help!

I have gotten a lot better at writing my script, but I have noticed that sometimes I write the script to allow my characters to walk from one point in the screen to another point, and instead of walking the character is gliding across the screen. What do I have to do to prevent that from happening further?

Can you post a screenshot of your scrript?

Yes… let me get it…

& @CHARACTER is walk_neutral

I did not have that written prior to the character walking .

Can you send screenshots of the code?

@ENEAS walks to screen right AND ENEAS walks to spot 0.474 120 378 in 3.5
@ENEAS faces right
@ENEAS starts tinker_stand_neutral_loop_rear

@transition fade out black

You cant use this together. Use either screen right or spot 0.474 120 378

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So… would I have to say :
@ENEAS walks to spot 0.474 120 378 in 3.5

Let me try that . Thank you.

Yaaaaasssssss!!! Thank you for the correction. It is working now.

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No problem😊

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I have another section that I can not figure out. How can I get the character to walk to the point without gliding in this case???

@DELORIA LOUHIE faces left
@DELORIA LOUHIE starts deepbreath

@pan to zone 1 in 3.5 AND DELORIA LOUHIE walks to spot 0.535 -40 202 in zone 1 in 5
@zoom on 98 212 to 376% in 3.5

don’t have the start the deep breath have the is

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Thank you so much. I am so glad that I can get the answers I need from your guys!!! I have gotten better at writing my script, but I am still learning what works and what does not. Thank you again.

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I just noticed that my character is still gliding though :cry: :cry::pleading_face: How can I fix this???

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