My character's hair color is bugged?


I have been trying to figure this out, and I’m pretty frustrated. My character has platinum blonde hair as a default color, but I must have screwed up her hair color because now the color is white. I can change it to black in the script (and possibly other colors) but I can’t change it back to platinum blonde. I’ve tried resetting story progress, and updating the script, and several options for hair changes, but nothing has worked. Please help? I don’t want my character to look old <3


Also! I just tried Auburn, it works too >.<


Hi @KipRise

Did you go in the characters section and change the color there?


I changed it back to Platinum blonde several times after tweaking with it to see if that would work, but in the script I tested this just now: I changed her hair color from black to platinum blonde to auburn, but what happens is it goes from black to WHITE to auburn. ???


Send in a support ticket?


I’ve never done that, DONDE ESTA lol


Hi! Can you post a screenshot of your script and of the white hair?


How do I screenshot on this garbage laptop xD lemme figure it out, yea! I’ll also send my character’s hair defaults


Oh. I thought it was in a story @KipRise was reading-not writing. Oops


It sounds like she is writing though. She mentioned updating her script.

@KipRise Just copy+paste the script then, if you can’t. :slight_smile:


What actually happens? In the detailed description, I don’t really get what is wrong. Did you change the color then did it change back? Is that the problem?



My issue is, even though her default is platinum blonde, she appears with white hair when I call her in the script.


Maybe delete the character and create a new one? I wouldn’t recommend taking my advice before getting somebody else’s so…


My script has all those hair changes because I was testing why “Platinum Blonde” changes my character’s hair to white.


Platinum blonde white though…


Platinum blonde is different than white, right? It’s just very light blonde


I think it is?


Does it appear white in the Previewer of the Writer’s Portal or on your phone?


It appears white on my phone when I test it.