My character's hair color is bugged?


Platinum blonde on the episode is supposed to look like that in the screenshot.

That is just the shade…


Let me send a screenshot of what it looks like on my phone, I might be confusing people.



That right there is WHITE, but why?


It isn’t supposed to be white, and I have no idea what I should put in my script because
@SERENA changes hairColor into Platinum Blonde
changes it into white instead


I’m going to try deleting all the tabs I have open for my Portal stuff and see if that changes anything.


Nothing has worked, if any Episode creators catch a glimpse of this can you email me @ please :slight_smile: and if anyone else has any inkling of what is wrong please share, happy writing and thank you for trying to help me out guys :smiley:


@KipRise Oh no, I’ve got it. It’s Platinum Blond, without the ‘e’.

@JULIA changes hairColor into Platinum Blond

Let me know if it works, lol.


@Idril I was at school today and I face palmed 3,000 times like CMON ITS BLOND WITHOUT AN E I feel so dumb thank you so much!!! When you’ve been on episode for like 2 years but can’t spell blond lmao xD Thank you all! Subject closed now I guess :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Haha, it’s fine! I think it has an ‘e’ in the Character settings page so it’s a totally understandable mistake LOL.