My characters in Limelight appear in little boxes!

Hi, everyone,

I created two episodes in Limelight a few months ago and they were perfect - no errors and the previews played fine. However, I logged into my account again recently to review the two episodes only to find that in the previews my characters now appear in small boxes! I’ve attached a screenshot. Is this a bug of some kind? Can anyone help?


Lara :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what you mean sorry. How could that have happened in my account?

When did you write the story?
As bnmfxo said above, you likely set the story up as spotlight. When you first create characters, you get asked which style you’d like (classic, INK or LL) and then you get asked if you’d like it in spotlight OR cinematic. I believe spotlight comes up first so it’s very easy to accept that as the style.
But you said it worked fine before? Spotlight has only been out since late December (I believe). If you created your story before that, then I would submit a ticket in case something has happened.
You could try writing “set format cinematic” before a scene, but this only works if the story was created in the cinematic format. If you chose spotlight, you cannot change the style.

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I understand what you both mean now. When I started the story, the characters were full screen, and I’m pretty sure I selected that option when creating it. However, I’ve decided to just start a new story and paste the script into it. Thanks so much! :slight_smile:


just remove the line that says set format spotlight

or alternatively put set format cinematic

Thanks to those who responded! Glad this got resolved, closing :v:t2: