My character's walking animation is glitching

When I enter my coding for my character to walk at the same time an overlay is coming into vision, my character glitches. She starts from the point I want her to end at, and walks backwards to the point I want her to start at.
Here’s my coding:
&zoom on 320 183 to 161% in 1
@SKYLAR walks to spot 1.046 244 75 in zone 1 AND overlay KALEBSKY5 opacity 1 in 1 AND SKYLAR spot 0.884 320 109 in zone 1
@pause for a beat

Any information is helpful:)!

You have your character walking to a spot and placing them at a spot on the same line and they’re happening at the same time. Are you trying to make them walk or are you trying to place them?

Oh, I see what I did wrong! That makes sense, I didn’t see my second placing them. Thank you !

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