My charecter is always one height!

Okay so I have this one character and hes always like supper tall. I use spot directing and i type in the code and then i open preview or I go to the app and hes supper tall. hes in the same spot that i put him in hes just like really tall. then I open spot directing on the preview and the coding is not the same coding that i put in the script! Its only with this one charecter but hes always tall and i dont know what to do. Someone please help me!

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Could you show me your script? Maybe, I could help.

That’s really weird… could it be a scaling issue?

I have him where i want i typed in the coding and i press save it saves i open preview and hes supper tall

I think you might want to specify what zone Mia is in, and maybe that’ll do the trick. Now, if you’re having the same problem with the app, then turn off your phone and turn it back on again. If all else fails, then don’t hesitate to contact me.

There was only one zone but I put her in zone 1 and it did the same thing. Its only this charecter all the other ones are fine its just him. It dosent do this in the app but Im just really confused because I put the coding in and then it changes.

Maybe you might want to rescale Ace and maybe that’ll do the trick.

You could connect both characters on the same line making, maybe?

@MIA spot 1.200 82 27 in zone 1 AND MIA faces right AND MIA moves to layer # AND ACE spot 1.375 214 19 in zone 1 AND ACE moves to layer 3 AND ACE faces left

use this code

if this doesn’t work
you might have to delete ace’s spot direction, save it then type it again.

If you need anymore help with anything private message me

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I used your code and its still not working hes always in the right spot hes just always supper tall.Episode always changes his height to 1.444. I have no idea why is does this. Its not just this scene its every scene with ace. I dont know what to do.

Try this spot instead of the one you’re using.
ACE spot 1.280 214 19 in zone 1

The reason why I’m suggesting to try that spot is because having Ace scaled at 1.375 is that large despite the spot director changing/showing it’s 1.444. Sometimes the previewer is glitchy and says they’re at a different scale than the one you coded but clicking him again or swapping through characters (change char button) on the spot director ends up reflecting the correct scale (usually). From the pictures you showed of what you wanted VS what you’re getting, What you wanted seems closer to a scale of 1.280, and the one you’re coding which is 1.375 is that really tall height that you don’t want at least that’s how it looks on my previewer. I’m not sure why Ace would be that tall every scene unless you’ve been keeping his scale of 1.375 per scene.

But that’s just my opinion :sweat_smile: good luck! And happy writing! :sunflower:

Try writing it like this in two separate lines instead of using AND and using & instead of @

&MIA spot…
&ACE spot…

Maybe it’s the character himself that is like this, I did notice that all the character have a little height and size difference. Try deleting Ace and make him again by selecting another choice in this section:
Screenshot 2022-09-09 at 03-56-11 OM Let's Get Married! Create New Character

Have you tried replacing him with a duplicate character for that part? Sometimes that works for people.

what character would you recommend

Try to go with Charlie

Hi how can I make a thread I can’t find the button thanks

you are very new to the forums so you can’t make one yet. be more active and the button will appear on the home page


Thank you so much!

Okay I think I’m going to make a duplicate and delete the original hopefully that will fix it

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