My Chemical Romance Baby!


I’m in the thread now, can’t say much gotta go


Fun fact about this song, Mikey was threatening to leave the band, this song is for him


Factzz :100:


ifeelbad because i abanonded mcr as my favorite band a while ago in favor of fob. but it’s still GREAT.

… petekey is real, by the way.


I have listened to a few FOB songs. Began listening through Panic!. I really like Centuries and 20 Dollar Nose Bleed.
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I tried… :joy_cat:


Does anybody here also like falling in reverse?


I’ve listened to a song or two.


They released a new song so I was excited :joy:


Maybe I should go check it out!


Fun MCR fact: Frerard was real




I hope you all like my new pfp


Hello Strangers. I am back. :black_heart:


Currently listening to Drowning lessons




Lmao i used to be a very crazy fan of MCR. (i got sad when they disbanded omgg :frowning: ) and remember when they released that 10th anniversary video and everybody freaked out because they thought they were gonna come back?

My favorite MCR songs are Teenagers, I’m Not Okay (I Promise), Helena, Famous Last Words and I Don’t Love You. I listen to them occasionally but not as much as i used to


If the Smashing Pumpkins theory doesn’t happen, I’m going to die


Awesome, I cry everytime I read Gerards break up letter and those are pretty good song choices. Helena is a personal favourite of mine and Im actually listening to it whilst typing this :joy:


Same, it seems like a pretty good theory


Just wanted to add this to let you all know I sent the song Summertime to my girlfriend our relationship is long distance so we listen to it now whenever we miss each other and it has helped us through some tough times