My Chemical Romance Baby!


I’m in the thread now, can’t say much gotta go


Fun fact about this song, Mikey was threatening to leave the band, this song is for him


Factzz :100:


ifeelbad because i abanonded mcr as my favorite band a while ago in favor of fob. but it’s still GREAT.

… petekey is real, by the way.


I have listened to a few FOB songs. Began listening through Panic!. I really like Centuries and 20 Dollar Nose Bleed.
:two: :zero: :heavy_dollar_sign: :nose:t4: :red_circle:

I tried… :joy_cat:


Does anybody here also like falling in reverse?


I’ve listened to a song or two.


They released a new song so I was excited :joy:


Maybe I should go check it out!


Fun MCR fact: Frerard was real




I hope you all like my new pfp


Hello Strangers. I am back. :black_heart: