My "christmas" list! 🎄

Hey loves!

Welcome, to my forum… I don’t know what to say but that’s okay? Okay wow i really am so slow right now oof. So I don’t celebrate Christmas I don’t know why, you celebrate christ’s Birthday, and I don’t believe in Jesus I believe in Allah but I don’t understand how people still celebrate Christmas when they don’t believe in Jesus? Well anyways, I don’t celebrate so instead of telling you guys my Christmas list, i guess i’ll show you ma birthday list?

OOOOF, I talk so much, im sorry im so annoyinggg

By the way I already made something close to this but I didn’t show my whole list, and yeahh,


First, something I want so badly is an… Ipad Mini 4 I know you guys are like wow, she’s spoiled and all of that well you’re wrong, I want an Ipad soo bad and it’s because I want my own electronic (but if i get one i’ll probably still have to share with my 2 older sisters :roll_eyes:_ and yeah, and ipad would help me with art, with the stylus. and I just want one you know for like fun?

Second I really want… sweatpants! Okay I know this is a weird thing that I really want, but it doesn’t matter. I really want some sweatpants that are cute but also really comfy. You know just a good grey pair… This my sister miiight get for me, so i love her.

Im telling you guys, if you saw my other forum skip the first three

Third I really, want checkered vans, I want the original and I want the red checkered vans, but i’m not telling my parents I want these shoes, because if I mention, them they’re going to get these instead of an ipad… im a mood.

Fourth, I really want a cute ring, so many people have these cute small rings, like it’s simple to describe. I want a skinny ring, the material of like medal? And the ring to be gold or any color, and a cute tiny diamond on it. That’s all!
For this my cousin might get me which makes me even more happy and I love her too!

Wow, i must seem spoiled to you guys, its fine…

Fifth, I really want more… jeans If I got sweatpants i’d wear them everyday but anyways, I want more jeans, especially from Hollister.

*Sixth, I want a puppy!!! Okay, just kidding this next thing I don’t really care if I don’t get, but I want a small sketchbook. I like drawing but i never do because if I do art then it’ll end up I don’t know where? So I want a sketchbook to keep things more organized if you know what I mean.

Seventh, I kind of stole my sisters wishlist idea, but I want this. So I want a small necklace that says iqra in arabic. Which looks like this اقرأ um, I don’t really want this that much, but It’d be cute.

Eighth, I kind of want this but not really, I want my own, fuzzy slippers lmao. I just do that’s it.

Okay, that’s literally ALL i can think, of I know this was long but you can comment if you want any of these things?

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I want that ipad

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iPad pro which I think im getting cause I saw my parents buy a large case :heart::blush::blush:

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you a lucky shishtarr

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me too :cry:


oof before I broke everything thats why im texting on the family computer :open_mouth:

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I don’t celebrate Christmas either but I have lots of wishes I’d like granted and I can make a long list for them :joy:

Same, I’d like this, too :laughing:
I have socks as a substitute for slippers for now though lol

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I want a Ipad so bad for my art. My huband said no… :frowning:


it’s not his choice, buy it still. and when he gets mad, then just say I wanted to buy so I did and I think you’re buying it with your own money/?

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If my future husband told me no to getting something I REALLY want, I’d wreak havoc in the whole house. Sorry lol, I’m a really sassy, confident person who likes to make my own decisions. XD I’m not even getting married so this isn’t going to happen. OK, but for real, it’s good to spend wisely so both of you need to do what is the best for you, money wise. Maybe he’s saying no because it costs a lot? And, in the meantime you can try out other programs. Let your artistic side shine! And happy holidays to you as well as everyone :hibiscus: :snowflake:

And this is an amazing wishlist @anon89987562 , all of it is cool ^^


OOh, ty for the compliment, and if my future husband doesn’t let me make my own decisions, we’re getting a divorce sorryy

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I’m not a type of person who makes a list of what they want bc I usually change my mind or I don’t care.

But I guess I could really want a new laptop :thinking: I kinda broke mine a few days ago.


I get it, my laptop the one im using now, always crashes when i’m editing my episode story and it gets so frustratingg

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I really want a new drawing tablet, I hate not being able to make my own outlines.
Need a bunch of clothes now that I’m in uni

Want this most of all, but my family wont let me have one. I mean we have a little potcake puppy but I want another and another AND ANOTHER!!!

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@anon89987562 and @JemU776 I understand where you’re coming from but in my house, it’s our money. I don’t spend that kind of money without talking to him first and same with him. There have been times I’ve had to say no we just don’t have it. We have two kids a house we own and two dogs all that comes before other things. I was upset when we couldn’t work it in the budget this year but I’ve had a lot of health problems and we have had a lot of doctor bills to pay so it is what it is. Maybe sometime in 2019, we will be able to. Who knows. :upside_down_face:

Ohh, I see. I thought you meant like you had your own money and he just like didn’t let you, and hopefully 2019 will come and you will have an ipad. :heart:

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Lol no never in a million years would he say no for no reason.

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a quality husband :wink:

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Oh sorry, I thought your husband was being a total douche but I realize he’s not. Thanks for clarifying. Yeah, it’s good to discuss finances together and make decisions together. And I hope you do get an ipad someday so you can practice your art on that as well. Good luck with everything and wishing you the best! I hope your holidays are amazing and everything gets better for you :slightly_smiling_face: :snowflake:

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