My coding is acting up!

Hey guys, i need some help I’m trying to write my story but the coding keeps coming up with either
“unexpected garbage” and “Unexpected sequence” or “This does not fit into our formatting.” and “You can not start with @ in directors part here.”
i really don’t know what to do. It keeps happening around the last part of the customization process and when I would try to get the characters to exit so someone else can enter the screen to be customized. Any advice?

the period at the end needs to be deleted

Remove the period in between
“she looks perfect!” .{
Instead it should be
“She looks perfect!” {

Im also having trouble with the portal because im trying to have my character speak but it keeps showing an error

also how can i post on here ???

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Sure! I’ll see if I can help :smile:

thank you so much !!!

Just send your script, like a pic of it

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Change @FLAMINGO enters from side to:
@FLAMINGO enters from right to screen center

Or you can spot direct the position:
@FLAMINGO enters from right (or left depending on what you want) to spot (input the spot here)

thank you so much !

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