My cousins cover art!

So I awoke this morning at 5 am to my 12-year-old cousin knocking on my door (she doesnt want her name to be put up and we do live together with our parents as we are in lockdown/quarantine )saying she has a surprise for me because I was looking for cover art and she said you can use it but you have to buy me something and she showed me the cover art and I was shook she put on a mark and said she would remove it when I have paid. She said she spent all night working on it bearing in mind she is 12 and I will be using this cover art for my story Canary!


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It’s beautiful :heart_eyes:

It kinda looks like James Charles tho :joy:

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Tell her that she did an amazing job! I wish I had some of the skill to draw a cover for my story!

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She said thanks :yellow_heart:

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:joy: :joy:

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