My cover art is in review. Should I publish my story anyways?

Title says it all. The first 4 episodes are ready to go. Chapter 5 has an overlay which hasn’t been approved yet. I’m currently writing chapter 6 so once its complete and my overlay is approved for chapter 5 I plan to do a double update. I plan on updating between 1-2 times a week.

I saw where it said that once my cover is approved it will automatically be updated to that cover. It’s been days and it still hasn’t been approved yet.

Story description:

Claudia’s life isnt the same after meeting her new next door neighbors, Silas and Raphael Harris. The twins just so happen to be harbouring a dark secret.

They review overlay and backgrounds in order based on when anyone sends them in so it’ll take a couple days

That’s what I thought.
I submitted everything on the same day and out of all of them I’ve only had one approved so far.

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