My Crazy Love Life - The Official Roleplay




Belle’s ex-boyfriend studies in the same school she does too! Will the popular boy steal her heart or get back with her ex?


Belle (Me)
Adam (OPEN)
Justin (OPEN)
Victoria (@Drama_Queer)
Harley (@ChayChay)
Lina (OPEN)
Kylie (@Chesirekitten101)

Get to know the characters:


Belle is a white, beautiful brunette. She’s kind, smart and caring and has a crush on Adam.
Age: 20
Face Claim:


Adam is a hot guy. He has brown hair and eyes. He is the popular kid. He’s smart AF, also kind and caring. He also has a crush on Belle.
Age: 20
Face Claim:


Justin is Belle’s ex-boyfriend. He’s hot, strong, jealous and has a MASSIVE CRUSH on Belle.
Age: 20
Face Claim:


Victoria is a brown, caring and kind girl. She’s also Belle’s best friend and a lesbian.
Age: 20
Face Claim:


Harley is a caring, smart girl. Belle’s childhood friend. Victoria’s girlfriend.
Age: 20
Face Claim:

Lina and Kylie

Lina and Kylie are smart girls, sisters, and close friends with Belle.
Ages: 20
Lina’s Face Claim:

Kylies Face Claim:

If you want to be a character go here.


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