My Current R4R List

These are my current stories on my R4R list… :slightly_smiling_face:

This list is in no particular order, I will be reading each story randomly. I will send everybody screenshots once I have started reading your story. As you can see I have quite a few stories on the list alongside with stories I need to do reviews for also, so, it might take a while but I WILL read each story!!! :relaxed: :revolving_hearts:

And thank you to everyone who has read my story and enjoyed it! It makes me really happy! :grin: :kissing_heart: :sparkling_heart:

Love you all,
Evie :revolving_hearts:


oh which r4r is this

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You replied to the “Mine For A Moment” R4R, but you can choose either one of my stories to read :slightly_smiling_face:

oh yeah i have read that one

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