My Current Waiting List!


Hi to everybody who got this notification and/or more! It’s Turtle Cat, here! I made this thread to let you guys know that everybody who requested a cover or splash published here. Sorry for the confusion, but I just want to clear things up for the people who are waiting so it’s easier for me to keep track and for people to know who’s comes next. Thank you so much for requesting a background/splash and I will have it done as soon as I can!

My Current Waiting List

  1. @roseyy: cover
  2. @MeanGirl: cover
  3. @Courtney22: large and small cover

I’m so sorry for the wait you guys, and like I said before, I’ll try to have it done ASAP for me.


Hi I also do covers and splashes I’m a little bored and I can help you finish these fast but I don’t need credit cause I’m just helping… but it’s up to you


Thank you so much for offering, but I think I can handle it. I would suggest making another thread saying that you can make splashes and covers. I think that would work. Thanks again. If I need help, you’ll be the first I ask. I think I need a splash, anyway. Can you make it for me?


Yes sure but I actually don’t want to put up a thread cuz I’m a mom and some days I don’t be online and I’ll a lot of requests that I don’t want to make a thread


But I’ll make the splash that you need


I get you. Can you pm me?





Tell me if you don’t like something specific or something is wrong and I’ll fix it right away!


Thanks :slight_smile:


My pleasure!


Oh I’m sorry, the End of Chapter is the wrong size. Let me fix that.


There you go!





If something is wrong or you don’t like a specific part of it, don’t be afraid to tell me!


Could you just put my Instagram in the bottom right? Other than that, I absolutely love it! It’s perfect!


Of course!


Here you go! Tell me again if something is wrong and I’ll fix it!


Amazing, thanks so much!


It was my pleasure!


@Turtle_Cat they look absolutely amazing :sparkling_heart::heartpulse::two_hearts: