My day was so weird

so i just got out of school and i will tell you guys the weird things that happened to me today !
so the day was normal till after noon…
so idk how to say it in English but for those who understand french will understand.
“j’etais dans la cour de récré” then there was this men who is a teacher or a person that replace the teacher then he said to me
“can you take these sheet of paper and go to that class and put it on the desk”
i said “no”
but the thing is every friking day he looking at me weirdly but one day i was waiting for my best friend then he camed and looked at me weirdly (as usual)
i got a little bit away , still looking at me
i got again a little bit away , still looking at me
i got a little bit away but somewhere he can’t see me
This person is weird… then he asked another person to do it.

2rd thing that happend to me today
so i was waiting for my mom to pick me up because school was finished
there a lady that asked me another day “are you doing ballet?”
and today she reasked me “are you doing ballet?” (cuz i walk like im doing ballet which some people think it a condition but it not a condition)
i said to the lady “why are you asking me this?”
then she said to me because you’re Walking like that"
then i said “is your problem miss ?”
she told me “it called communication it not like i asked you to come Inside my car”
i was like “…”


i was still waiting for my mom then the miss comed again because she was picking up her kid
she said “can i get an autograph ?”
me : ….
then she started laughting and walked away
when my mom picked me up i told her and my big sis everything about
my weird day.

but it was so weird
monday if i see that man again i’ll Walking away from him

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duuuuddddeeee, I laughed so hard, lolol. I like the autograph part, all I can say is they weirdest part of my day was a kid calling the female teacher “dad”. That ain’t anything compared to this, lmao

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merci de partager cette

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maybe the female teacher was looking like his dad or the kid was just being stupid

Peut être (Maybe) Ou tu as un professeur de cul bizarre (Or you got a weird ass teacher) Lol.

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il n’est pas mon prof (he isn’t my teacher) il est un prof ou un remplacent d’un prof (he is a teacher or a replace of a teacher)

i mean thank god he isn’t my teacher , if he was my teacher i would be deddd :sweat_smile::skull_and_crossbones:

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Omg, that would be funnier, but also -Oof- Lol, but still wth.

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that creepy that HE WAS FRIKING LOOKING FOR ME but seriously

lol, I had a weird gym teacher that was so bald you could like see your reflection, lol and he always was rude and gave dirty looks at My friends and I so we would knock on his door in the school gym at lunch and run every day, lol



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He looked like Mr clean, only tan and had an alien head, lmao


LOL im laughting :rofl::joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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And he would always be like " YoUr GoInG To ScRaTcH ThE GyM FlOoR If YoU WeAr ThOsE ShOeS" So I would were shoes that would scratch the gym floor, god I hated him lol

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who care about gym’s floor
every classmates of yours : …
every classmates of mine : …
your weird gym teacher : rAiSe hAnD

And one day I brought in shoes with dirt on them so when we ran it got mud on the floor and he was like " WhO EvEr DiD ThIs Is VeRy DisReSpEcTful To OuR ScHoOl" " WhO Did ThIs" And I Blamed it on a kid that through a basket ball at my face, lol


Ikr and he was like " ThE GyM FlOoR Is AbOuT 60,000 ThOuSand Dollars" umm no.

if the gym is small he is lying
if the gym is fat big maybe he isn’t lying but still he overdramatic