My dialog isn't popping up

After one of my texting scenes, my dialog won’t pop up, The animations for each character are still working, but the dialog won’t show up.

Here’s my script

@transition fade out white 1


@zoom reset

@EXTRA3 spot 0.627 141 303 in zone 1 AND EXTRA3 faces right AND EXTRA3 is text_phone_neutral_loop AND SKYLAR spot 1.280 209 7 in zone 1 AND SKYLAR is text_phone_neutral_loop

@pause for a beat

@RAINBOW enters from left to screen left AND RAINBOW is run_jog

@zoom on 17 356 to 316% in 0

    RAINBOW (scream)
| bold | SKYLAR!!!!!!!!

@zoom reset

@SKYLAR faces left AND SKYLAR is slap_face AND RAINBOW is slap_face_receive

@SKYLAR is mortified

@pause for a beat

Have you tried seeing if the speech bubble was outside of the camera?

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Okay, I reset it and it worked thank you:)!

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